Barcelona: La Fira Salsa Club

Barcelona: La Fira Salsa Club

Get There: Carrer de Provença 171, 08036 Barcelona, Spain by taxi or metro.
Cost: 5€ with a drink ticket (beer or basic)

This salsa joint goes off Thursday and Friday at around midnight ’til very early hours of the morn, and is super popular with the locals. The beautiful Spanish bartenders come out and do a little salsa number on the d-floor to the funky Spanish tunes. The décor of the club is carnival theme with funky booths and lights and classic carnival mirrors that make you look like midgets or stretched mutants.

The night we went was my second night in Spain and I was obviously not yet adjusted to the Spanish culture where greasy, middle-aged men look at you clearly imagining you nude and touch your ass in what they assume a romantic way.

1. Avoid the girl’s bathrooms- the men sometimes pretend they cannot see the ‘Signora’ sign and enter with intentions probably very different to urinating.
2. Avoid the mirrors if you are on a whole other wavelength, they will wig you out of this world.
3. Do not wear a bindi, the few (seedy) Indian fellas in the club take to you like bees to honey.

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