Bangkok: Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar

Bangkok: Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar

Get There: Banyan Tree Hotel, 21/100 South Sathon Road,
Sathon. You are best off taking a taxi there – it’s a fancy place and they didn’t seem to like us rolling up in a three-wheeled moped making more noise than a jumbo jet at take off!
Open: Daily (weather permitting) – Vertigo: 6:00pm to 11:00pm; Moon Bar: 5:00pm to 1:00am.
Cost: Very expensive for Thailand! Beers are 150THB (5AUD) and cocktails are 300THB (10AUD). Food starts at 700THB (22AUD) for mains.

Now as you’ve already read, this place is really expensive to eat and drink at, but if you are in Bangkok and want to treat yourself just a little extra (or get a selfie with a ridiculously cool background), then take the elevator to the 61st  flor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. The view is most likely the best in the city and the cocktails are fucking delicious. In fact, the staff will make pretty much whatever concotion of alcohol you want for about the same prize as a half-full glass of goon back home! The bright side is that it’s free to get in and you don’t actually have to buy anything while there if you don’t want to, meaning it’s possible to get the best view of the city for free.  I know its painful and directly contradictory to your hobo lifestyke, but put shoes and pants on. If you don’t arrive properly dressed, the staff will force you to wear some ridiculous shoes and pants they provide before you can get in, which happen to be impossible to get in a size big enough for anyone not Thai.

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