Melbourne: Laneway Learning

Melbourne: Laneway Learning

Get There: Suss their website for the class venue –
Cost: $12

As a hobo, you will need to learn a variety of skills to get by in life. Some of them are basic such as reading to ensure you can navigate a map, and maths, so that you’re aware of whether or not you can afford those flights to Thailand. Some skills cannot be taught in a classroom, however, and instead must be garnered while surrounded by other like-minded buddies in a bar or cafe. Enter Laneway Learning, Melbourne’s (as well as Sydney and Brisbane’s) premier destination for eccentric classes and hipster smugness.

Anybody can learn basic maths (unless you’re me), but do you know anything about The Science of Roller Coasters? Or Urban Beekeeping? If you already do, well played sir. However, if like most of the uneducated masses you have no idea about Rug Weaving: Sustainable Stitching, I suggest you get yourself along to an eye-opening Laneway Learning class.

There are classes each week for around the price of $12 which is ridiculously cheap for an extracurricular activity (and really, you can’t put a price on education), and the list is emailed out every Monday. Sign-up to their newsletter to ensure you get first pick, as most classes sell out very quickly. If you spy a class that you simply must attend you can join their waiting list, but don’t hold your breath; unless someone dies, you’re probably out of luck.

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