Fort Bragg: Glass Beach

Fort Bragg: Glass Beach

In order to get to the fabled Glass Beach, one of those “places to visit before you die” featured on Tumblr, Pininterest and all those other dumb sites I pretend I am above but secretly use, I convinced my two compadres to take a five-hour detour on our drive from San Fran to Lake Tahoe.

We could have got the same effect from heading to the scummiest bit of Burleigh beach the day after a New Year’s Eve party. Instead of a pristine coast covered in sea glass, we were met with a rubbish tip of broken bottles and filthy sand, topped off by massive open drains that spewed raw sewage and radioactive waste onto the rocks.

 fake beach

I don’t know what joker uploaded all those pictures on the internet, but I’ll tell you one thing: they are a Photoshop wizard. Admittedly there are a few pretty patches of scattered sea glass, but they are few and far between, probably because everyone (myself included) disregards the signs prohibiting the removal of souvenirs.

Definitely one for the fuck-it list.


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