Travel, Don't Travel - Who Gives a Flying Fuck?

Travel, Don’t Travel – Who Gives a Flying Fuck?

In a time where social media platforms reign supreme over face-to-face communication and morality is nothing, if not a bonus, only a couple of constants have remained:

  1. Toilets (Apart from sizes and shapes, and the fact that reverse kangas only took off in small parts of Australia, toilets have always been the same, and a necessity. Some people even like pooping).
  2. Incandescent light bulbs (Yes, it may seem strange, but without light, how would you see your beer?)
  3. You are a human being (I used to think it was human bean) and you are allowed to make your own choices. You don’t have to listen to the cool kids or answer to a higher power. God isn’t real. You don’t have to surrender yourself to a 9-to-5 and you don’t have to travel. You may, and I know it sounds crazy, do exactly what you want, when you want. (Within the confines of the law, obviously. But then again, who am I to judge?)

A while back, a bunch of bullshit articles started circulating the internet centred on the idea that you should (or, to be ironic “shouldn’t”) date someone who travels (we parodied the shit outta them btw). It was a true reflection of modern-day society’s inflated sense of self-worth, as the only people actually sharing them were the entitled shits who travel and assume superiority to everyone else on that basis.

Travelling isn’t something indoctrinated into you by your parents; it isn’t a checklist – it’s a choice. If you want to travel, then the beauty (and privilege, in our case) of it is that you can. There are no prerequisites, no foregone procedures: you just do it, and furthermore, you can feel free to date whoever you may run into along the way.

I’ve travelled before (nothing spectacular – I’m hardly the next Ibn Battuta), but I’d like to think that I’ve seen my fair share of countries and cultures; certainly enough to lambast the likes of whoever thought it was okay to write “She won’t party at Republiq. And she will never pay over $100 for Avicii because she knows that one weekend of clubbing is equivalent to one week somewhere far more exciting.”

It really doesn’t get more pretentious than that, does it? Besides, who in their right mind would pay over $10 dollars, let alone $100, to see Avicii? Isn’t he a computer? (Yes, in regards to music I may be stuck in the Stone Age, but fuck, I’m proud of it and I’m not moving).

nicki minaj

I hope this photo sums up my point.

I’d like to say now that I’m all for travelling. It’s fun, exciting and will broaden your horizons in regards to the understanding of different cultures. But to say that travelling or not travelling is the fundamental and influential decider as to whether someone is worthy of dating is ridiculous.

When I was overseas, I was astounded at the sheer amount of people in long-term relationships with someone back home, and more than that – they were happy. Realistically, people are always going to want a connection to home when they’re away – something to relate back to, and for some, their connection to someone who doesn’t travel is a reality check and a way to keep a grasp of their identity.

“He doesn’t like to try new restaurants or order something he doesn’t know he already likes on the menu.” This quote is taken directly from an article called ‘Don’t Date a Guy Who Doesn’t Travel’. Now not only does the title sound controlling in a way that completely contradicts every single point the article is trying to make, but the statement itself makes no sense. Who wouldn’t want to eat what they like? Isn’t that the point of going out and paying for food? If you’re such a know-it-all traveller, should you not understand that every dollar should be spent wisely? Also, so what?

I may have gone a little cynical there, and I can only imagine it getting worse, but date whoever the fuck you want, whether they travel or not. As long as you’re happy, because in the end (as cliché as it sounds), that’s really all that matters.

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