San Juan Del Sur: Pool Crawl

San Juan Del Sur: Pool Crawl

Get There: Sign up at Pacha Mama or Naked Tiger hostel.
Cost: $15USD

Perched on an infinity pool’s edge, nestled in the forested hills that overlook the fishing bay of San Juan del Sur, it’s easy to mistake yourself for a high roller. The wild party scene going on behind you at the Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort doesn’t help either.

The Pacha Mama Pool Crawl makes Sunday the fun day in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. It costs $US15 and starts at 2pm. You visit three resorts and hostels with pools in the space of seven hours. All the pools you’re delivered to are also bars. All the people in attendance are backpackers and after the Pool Crawl you finish the night off where you choose: your bed or someone else’s.

Hundreds of young travellers leave from Pacha Mama Hostel in matching ‘Sunday Funday’ singlets (included in the price of admission – hobo win) via several pick-up trucks, which take load after load of pool crawlers up into the hills that surround San Juan del Sur.

The Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort is the first stop. The infinity pool and panoramic view of the town set the day up as lavish fun on a tight budget. You’re allowed into this resort once a week and the taste of luxury makes you thirsty. If it’s raining in the morning, don’t worry – the weather changes instantly in Nicaragua. The party stays at the Pelican Eyes for a few hours of intense sunshine before moving to the Naked Tiger Hostel for the sunset.

The Naked Tiger sits on the northern slopes of San Juan del Sur, isolated amongst the jungle. But don’t let its location fool you: this hostel is anything but quiet. Get your camera ready, because the sunset is like a leap from a waterfall: fast and stunning. Do make sure it’s waterproof, because you’re likely to get thrown in as a result of the crowd having made the most of $1 drinks at Pelican Eyes just before.

pool crawl 2

If this is the first weekend you’re spending in Nicaragua, make sure it’s in San Juan del Sur. The friends you’ll make at the Pacha Mama Pool Crawl will last your whole stay in this country, and you may find people heading your direction. Also, as you travel Central America, the Sunday Funday singlet will become like a guiding light to new friends, as most everyone has been and experienced the wild day and nights this event has to offer.

The money in Nicaragua is plastic coated, so your notes will survive the water. Bring about $1000 Nicaraguan Cordoba or $US40 with you. Drinks cost between one and two dollars, depending on beer or spirits.

Tick the San Juan del Sur Pool Crawl off your party bucket list and you’ll get to see how wild the fun gets after sunset. Don’t let people tell you about it – experience it for yourself.

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