Zagreb: Funk Lounge Hostel

Zagreb: Funk Lounge Hostel

Get There: Rendićeva 28b, Zagreb. Trams are super easy to navigate and even easier to get away with catching for free.
Cost: From 80 kuna (16AUD) per night for a six-bed dorm
Free Breaky: No, but there is the cheapest bar/restaurant downstairs that does incredibly tasty meals.
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: No, but they have one in town.

The name says it all. Groovy, colourful and spacious rooms, loads of space to kick back and relax and every facility you’ve ever dreamed of. I wasn’t complaining when the new bartender needed a guinea pig to test cocktails on, and I probably squealed when one of the many friendly staff members offered to take me on a hike up the beautiful Medvednica Mountains. You’ll quickly learn how lovely and helpful the Croatians are: the staff at Funk Lounge definitely prove their kindness.

This hostel will ensure you’ve had your fair share of Zagreb and experienced its laid-back lifestyle. Never short of a dull moment – the result of their pub crawl found us in a reggae club (code word for mass stoner orgy with music only those that were on that funky green stuff could move to).  And they really aren’t shy about their welcome shots of Rakija at their own little Funk Club in the city. Go say hey!

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