Buenos Aires: Volunteer with LIFE Argentina

Buenos Aires: Volunteer with LIFE Argentina

Get There: Go to their Office HQ at Pena 2121, Recoleta, from Monday – Friday between 2pm and 6pm.
Cost: $40US to sign up, which includes a t-shirt, and 50ARS ($5) transport per day.

We can’t be running amuck all our damn hobo lives – give back a little and get that moral-boner you so deserve. Or, alternatively, repent your sins. LIFE Argentina are a great little NGO based in BA. Born from the Argentinian economic crisis in 2001, LIFE aims to improve the quality of life for children in the city’s slums. It’s a very safe program: you won’t feel threatened in the slums – las villas – at all. Playing with the kids for the afternoon is easy and fun, and no, you do not have to know Spanish – I initially did not. Other volunteers are often long-term internationals, so befriend them and they will show you all the cool places that aren’t listed here because they didn’t show me.

Hobo Tip: The kids love the skipping rope. Do it. You’ll develop some great biceps as a result.

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