Buenos Aires: Mundo Lingo

Buenos Aires: Mundo Lingo

Get There: Tuesdays at the Temple Bar from 9pm (Marcelo T. de Alvear 945); Wednesdays at Soria Bar from 9pm (Gorriti 5151); Fridays at Bar La Princesa from 9pm (Honduras 4756).
Cost: Entry is free, schmoozy drinks will cost you.

This event is often described as speed-dating for multi-linguals. You will not be disappointed. Picking up here is easier than at actual speed dating. Upon entry, you’ll be adorned with sticker flags of the tongues you speak. Be liberal with these stickers – they are a great ice-breaker. Foreigners flock to Mundo Lingo – as do the Argentinians. The locals love to prey on unsuspecting (or suspecting, be honest) travellers. It is a great chance to meet other travellers and get tits tips and on the city, Argentina, and South America in general.

Hobo Tip: Pick up the Aussie flag, not the English – The Falklands are a touchy subject!

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