Trondheim: Bar Circus

Trondheim: Bar Circus

Get There: Olav Trygvasons Gate 27, Trondheim. It’s in the very centre of town – ask anyone for directions and they’ll be happy to point you there, but be sure to say Bar Circus or they might point you towards Sircus shopping mall.
Cost: Free entry; Beers = 36NOK ($6AUD); Wine/Spirits = You can’t afford it – you’re in Norway!

If you ever find yourself in Trondheim (or Norway in general), you will quickly notice that getting you daily dose of alcohol will ruin you economically. Just getting in will almost always cost at least $20AUD, and you’ll end up paying more than that for just one basic drink. There is one exception though in the city of Trondheim. Drinks will still be very expensive, but at least Circus will let you begin drinking without charging you first, and the beer is at a competitive price with the rest of the world. The place isn’t big and is usually very crowded with students and other young adults on the weekends. It has a strict 21 years and over policy, so you wont have to fend of annoying teenagers at the bar. They rarely play any of the ear-bleeding pop music other clubs do, and the volume isn’t too loud so you can actually talk to all the new friends you make! Other than that, there isn’t that much special about this bar. But finding cheap beer in Norway is a rare thing, and as a hobo, I take pride in finding cheap booze and sharing it with all of you!


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