Puerto Escondido: Casa Babylon

Puerto Escondido: Casa Babylon

Get There: Calle del Morro, Playa Zicatela, 70934 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
Open: 10am – late

After a long day out in the sun surfing, trekking or just sleeping off your hangover on the beach, a power nap followed by the consumption of alcohol is definitely something you should consider if you ever find yourself in this beautiful little coastal town on Mexico’s South-West coast. Casa Babylon is the place where you disconnect from the world for a few hours to soak up as many drinks as you can while reading books, playing backgammon or indulging in other activities that might get you drunk faster than you want to. Our hobo favourite is the jenga, where the loser has to buy everyone a round of mezcal. You can also trade or buy cheap books here that other backpackers have left behind.

The decoration is just wired enough, the staff are awesome, the beer is cold and the music – which is often live – is soothing and authentic in the way that sets the mood just perfectly. Casa Babylon’s owner takes pride in serving what she calls the “best mojitos in Oaxaca”, and to be honest I couldn’t agree more. It isn’t made with the best rum, and the tonic used is probably the cheapest around, but whatever – they taste great! When combined with the incredible atmosphere, they make Casa Babylon your best bet when it comes to chilling out and getting ready for another night out in your sleep/drink/rave repeat cycle of life!

Enjoy, and please take an extra mojito for all of us that are unable to be there with you!

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