Cusco: Kokopelli Hostel

Cusco: Kokopelli Hostel

Get There: San Andrés 260, Cusco – just two minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas
Cost: Cheapest bed will set you back 18PEN ($7.50AUD) for a 12-person dorm
Free WiFi: Yes, but only works in common areas and some rooms
Free Breaky: Yes – Until 11am
Bar: Yes

I got to Cusco off the back of three nights of crashing in airports, so was pretty excited when I arrived at Kokopelli and found they have one of the more comfortable hostel beds on offer in Peru. The hobo-friendly 10-bed dorms maintain heaps of space for you to throw your belongings around, although they are slightly lacking in powerpoints. Given my prior accommodation, I was also severely craving (or, for the sake of fellow travellers, requiring) a shower. What I’d heard on the road had made me super nervous about showers in Cusco – apparently finding a hot one is about as unlikely as going to Colombia without being offered cocaine, so despite my state, I was pretty hesitant to jump in. Turns out the shower was one of the best I’d had while traveling: good pressure, temperature and none of that godawful system where you need to keep hitting the button every five minutes.

I also spent a few nights in one of the eight-pod dorm rooms. The perfect thing about these are that they’re still super cheap at about $14AUD, but you actually have some of your own personal space thanks to a curtain on your bed, not to mention your own cupboard, lights and even your very own powerpoint! Unlike in the 10-bed dorm, you also have WiFi in your room.

Having a few cheap alternatives with different inclusions means all budgets are catered for and its really hard to complain.

Most importantly, the bar has a good vibe, with happy hour 8-11pm, so plenty of time to get nicely buzzed without being stuck getting wasted at 6pm because happy hour is set up for geriatrics. The food’s not too bad either, with a range of snacks and meals on offer as well as a late free breakfast, which is perfect if you’ve had a big night or need to do the walk of shame back in the morning.

If you’re coming from the airport, it might be worthwhile considering their pickup (20PEN) since the taxi drivers at the airport are going to try to charge you 35PEN anyway.

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