Las Vegas: Grand Canyon Tour

Las Vegas: Grand Canyon Tour

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Cost: $167

Visiting the Grand Canyon is on many tour-hungry, natural-wonder-seeking traveller’s to do lists. This breathtaking, sculptured landscape attracts over five million people per year. It’s an unmissable destination on a roady through the states, and if you happen to be gambling away your miniscule life savings in Las Vegas, why not take a day trip to the beautiful canyon to get away from superficial lighting and shitty poker tables?

Getting there shouldn’t be a problem, as there is a ridiculous amount of bus tours, flights and boat rides. However, after realising we were way too broke from nights spent partying and gambling (aka, throwing away our cash) we decided to go with SWEETours for our journey to the South Rim.

Linda from SWEETours was amazingly helpful in setting us up, even when we had to delay a day (which is good to know in case you happen to wake up horrendously hungover). The drive is a 10-hour round trip, which we figured wouldn’t be too rough considering we could catch up on sleep lost from nights out on the town.

The bus picked us up bright and early and we clambered on excited to fall back asleep immediately. Unfortunately, our tour guide was way more informative than expected, so sleeping was kind of out of the question for the first hour. But hey, we learnt a bunch of cool stuff, including UFO sightings in the area, and thank God they play movies to help pass the otherwise long, desolate drive.

We were given a surprisingly good breakfast and probably the healthiest lunch I’d had since being in the States, and the infinite water supply was well needed for our self induced headaches. The pit stops were abundant enough to stock up on delicious American snacks, perhaps too many considering I was trying to avoid achieving the all too unavoidable travel fat.

Once we arrived, we had three hours to explore the Canyon, so ample time to achieve the perfect selfie while teetering on the edge of a cliff. Not having to walk in a group was a real seller for me, since I struggle to spend three hours with people I actually like. You have an option to do a “long” hike of about 4km and meet the bus at the end, or jump on the bus after a short walk down to the viewing point in case you’re either incredibly lazy or incredibly hungover like us. Perfect.

SWEETours made the whole experience super easy, everyone who worked there were not only lovely but offered up lots of knowledge on both the Canyon and Vegas and the Grand Canyon was more breathtaking than I could have imagined.

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