Zanzibar: Street Food

Zanzibar: Street Food

Africa pretty much does hobo-cheap food better than anywhere in the world, but of all the continent’s jizz-worthy places to eat on the street, Zanzibar has got to be the best. Go down to the seafront Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town after sunset any night of the year, and you can have the pleasure of fighting off throngs of other dazed tourists and beating past locals trying to sell you creepy “maasai” voodoo necklaces to goerge on with sugarcane juice, spice teas and pretty much any kind of seafood your heart desires. The food is pretty great and it’s worth going there once for the experience, and while not at all Zanzibari, anyone with taste buds will agree that the ‘Zanzibar Pancakes’ are the bomb. The stallholders put their prices up big time though, so haggling is a must.

If you want real-deal Zanzibar though, (and/or, like me, your budget by this point stretches to foodstuffs only by forgoing luxuries like toothbrushes and beds), just walk a k or so down along the beach and turn down a dodgy looking side street or two, and you might just stumble on the people’s market. Here, the locals set up their stalls of coconut bread, fresh dates, octopus and fragrant soup on the footpath and you can stuff yourself stupid for literally a dollar or two, parked at a wooden table among the sweet-smelling chaos dozens of locals eating their own dinners. It’s authentic and beautiful and delicious and cheap; probably my four favourite travel adjectives in one dirty, humid street. The markets are also really cool (and free!) places to visit during the day, where you can haggle for cardamom coffee or jasmine oil to drown out the smell of the hectic fish auction five metres away.

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