Andersom: Stoners' Haven in Utrecht

Andersom: Stoners’ Haven in Utrecht

Believe it or not, the vast majority of people in The Netherlands aren’t actually potheads. Despite what you might have heard from some Contiki veteran, it’s actually not normal for locals to just pop down and have a big fat doobie before work at their local. Outside of Amsterdam, coffee shops are existent but a bit harder to find if you don’t know where to look. So if you’re in Utrecht and need yo’ fix, then don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Utrecht itself a beautiful city: its cobblestone streets are lined with cutesie colourful flowerpots, canals are aplenty and there is an abundance of things to see and do. Head to Andersom coffee shop to turn your sightseeing trip around Utrecht, a whole lot trippier (hehe). It’s quite close to St Martin’s Cathedral, which towers high over everything else in the whole city. So if you’re having a hard time finding the treasure, head to the cathedral’s tall tower (which acts as a beacon) and then towards the main canal. The geniuses behind Andersom conveniently chose the same color scheme as McDonalds for their shop front, so you won’t miss it. Once inside you are faced with a menu and will have to purchase your herbs before going downstairs. You most certainly don’t have to smoke, just as long as some of your friends are bonging on. Most people prefer to smoke joints/jays/spliffs in The Netherlands, and bongs are commonly seen as pieces of junkie apparatus. However, if you dun give a fuk what the h8rs say and just need to suck a billy, then you will be pleased to know that unlike most other establishments, Andersom can provide you with one! Now, be careful when deciding on your strain of herb. Unless you are a serious stoner, plz don’t get Amnesia; it sounds funny but will make you see things you really don’t want to see and will most likely cause you to have a big vom. There are two large smoking rooms downstairs and the walls are filled with quirky original Andersom posters – my fave is of a cute lady with an arty-cred bowler hat which reads “You can’t beat it… Miss Blow”. If you are a good girl/boy and just want to have a grape fanta instead of inhaling plant matter, then that’s ok. They have a selection of super random fizzy drinks, crisps and coffee (yes, actual coffee!) but literally nothing else to choose from. The entertainment options are endless: have a game of pinball, borrow a deck of cards or a tattered board game or even just sit on the toilet pretending to do a poo for ages and gaze around at the pen marks that countless other wiggers who came before you have left. It is far too easy to find yourself becoming trapped inside, so always remember that there is an amazing city awaiting you outside the depths of Andersom. Get out and explore, you little green hobo you!


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