Pai: The Container Rest Stop and Resort

Pai: The Container Rest Stop and Resort

Get There: On the road halfway to the Pai Canyon

Thailand has some pretty weird shit. It’s best to check out this place for yourself, as I don’t really know how to explain it: a rest stop, café and a motel made of shipping containers, I guess, perched on top of a beautiful valley. On the roof there are colourful swinging chairs to just hang out in – maybe jump on the free WIFI while you do so and enjoy a cold beverage. In the parking lot, you will find a giant sign saying ‘Pai’ covered with fake flowers and another hanging seat. To the left of this is the biggest classic British telephone booth I have ever seen with an actual giant phone to make calls. Below the café there are extremely colourful motel rooms buried beneath fake grass, all super futuristic and quirky. You gotta give them 10/10 for creativity!

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