Pai: Mor Paeng Waterfall

Pai: Mor Paeng Waterfall

Get There: Moo 4 Baan Mor Paeng/Mae Na Toeng, Pai

The Pai waterfalls are about a 10-minute motorbike ride away from the town’s centre and are perfect for soaking up some rays, cooling off from the humidity and bruising your ass sliding down the natural crevices. From the bottom swimming hole, climb up to the top of the creek for some shade and peace and quite.

Sliding tips:

  • Local kids love playing with you in the rock pools – make sure you hit them up for a demo on the slides before you kill yourself.
  • The largest slide is about 10 meters long and drops you into the second water hole up the fall.
  • Don’t lie down as you will crack your skull open on the rock. Sit up straight and ride the waves, man.
  • Be prepared to be dunked under for a few seconds when you splash out of the rock face.


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