London: The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

London: The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Get There: Behind the Smeg fridge, 12-16 Artillery Lane. Get the Liverpool St or Aldgate Tube
Cost: £5 cocktails Monday-Thursday 5pm-6pmm otherwise it’s a bit expensive…
Open:  Monday – Friday 4pm – 12am; Saturday – Sunsday 1pm – 12.30am

Ever wanted to please your inner 15-year-old Harry Potter fan girl fantasy of pushing on a bookcase and entering the hidden world of magic? Well, in this instance there is no magic, and the bookcase is a Smeg fridge. This not-so-secret secret of London is a speakeasy hidden in the depths of Spitalfield’s The Breakfast Club.

Enter into what appears to be a retro, bustling family diner laid out with red and white striped booth seating, jukeboxes, funky refrigerators and waitresses in frilly white aprons. All you need to say to a member of staff is, “We’d like to see the mayor,” and you will be ushered to the smeg fridge which opens up into a hidden bar. There’s nothing particularly special about the bar itself other than that it is hidden; except for the fact that everyone inside can sit there and smugly nod approval to each other for being a part of the big secret.

It’s important to note that you may only enter through the fridge and must exit out of a broom cupboard located in the bathroom corridor – basically appearing to the public out front to have just come out from the toilet. So sneaky! So if you’re keen on enhancing your enigmatic persona, take those moleskines and Maurader Map fantasies down to Liverpool Street, and remember – you’re there to see the Mayor.

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