Chiang Mai: Bicycle Hire

Chiang Mai: Bicycle Hire

Cost: Cheapest bikes are around 30 baht a day
Address: Loads of hiring places on most corners with tandems, funky colours, retro styles, baskets and bells.

Peddling inside and outside the old, walled city is the best way to get around in the transportation sense of the phrase. There are over 300 traditional temples in Chiang Mai and a pretty impressive temple tour is a must. Grab a map from any of the tour stores/hostels and create a route that suits your agenda. For a feed, head to any local stall or restaurant as they do the best authentic Thai. Check out the vintage stores and thrift shops that are scattered around – if you’re into dungarees and docs you’ve made it through the gates of bargain heaven. As for nighttime, bikes are a great way to get home after a few drinks out.

Tip: hide your valuables or keep them in front of you on the bike, don’t swing a bag over your shoulder, there’s been many incidents of straps being cut and bags being swiped.

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