Budapest: Szechenyi Baths

Budapest: Szechenyi Baths

Price: About 3100HUF (AUD$14)
Get There: Take Line 1 on the metro (the yellow one) to Szechenyi Furdo. The baths are at 1146 Budapest, Allatkerti korut 11.
Hours: 6am – 10pm errday.

If, like me, the concept of a public bath conjures up thoughts of immersing yourself in the shed skin cells, band-aids and urine of the masses, you will be pleasantly surprised by the apparent high sanitation of the Szechenyi Baths. It is one of the two major spas in Budapest, and is not to be missed if you are in this neck of the Eastern European woods. Entry to the baths gives you a day’s worth of sunbaking and soaking yourself in various pools of differing temperatures, sizes and depths; as well as access to a locker. The spas have apparent healing properties, as they are supplied by thermal springs, which despite being aimed at “joint and bone disorders”, also seem to relieve the common hangover. Not to be missed is the whirling pool and, for the voyeurists among you, the nudist’s balcony. There are also spa packages you can buy incorporating massages and that sort of indulgent shit. I visited the baths in summer, but apparently they are also good fun in winter.


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