London: No 8 Hostel

London: No 8 Hostel

Get There: 305 High Rd, Willesdon NW10 2JT
Cost: £8 for a guaranteed case of the flu
Free Breaky: Yes
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: Yes

Any tightarse Googling cheap accommodation in London is sure to think they’ve stumbled upon a goldmine when they discover No 8 hostel and its £8-a-night beds. But beware: what you save on sleeping space you make up for in getting anywhere remotely central. The hostel is located in Dollis Hill, a station in zone 3. This means you’re looking at least an hour’s travel time to anywhere cool on the tube, and if you’re being really stingy and taking buses, at least two hours. The suburb itself doesn’t really have anything to offer except up-and-coming gangsters who’ll wolf whistle anything with a vagina and a Polish restaurant that serves soggy pierogi filled with Lucky Dog.

Breakfast is free and consists of mouldy bread (not even kidding) and watery juice, and you can have tea and coffee at all hours. I also found seven slightly chewed jelly babies in my bunk bed, so you can’t say No 8 Hostel isn’t generous when it comes to complimentary food. But although it sounds doable, sleeping in a 24-person dorm is never ideal, especially in London where more than 100% of the backpacking population has some sort of gammy illness thanks to the weather. Also, the hostel bar is sadly never going off because everyone staying there is just so depressed with their choice of accommodation. All in all, I would definitely recommend splashing out a bit of extra cash to stay somewhere in zone 2, even it means you have to live off Tesco’s instameals for the duration of your stay to compensate.

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