Split: Avoid Cement Beach

Split: Avoid Cement Beach

You’ve probably come to Split for some summer fun in the sun. If you got here in winter, well, that was pretty dumb. So anyway, assuming you’re ready to be a summer beach babe, your first stop, naturally, is the beach. You will most likely be staying around the harbour, so at a first glance, the closest beach is one you will soon discover is surrounded by cement. This can be a bit of fun for a while as you pretend to be impressed by the cultural importance the Croatians place on cement beaches, but when you are totally over laying your towel down on a flat hard surface to dry out and get a holiday glow/singe, or if you don’t even want to experience this shit in the first place, take an extra 10-minute stroll to the beautiful, slightly better rock-and-pebble beach where the locals hang. Don’t misunderstand these instructions though: cement beach is not to be completely avoided at all times. It is here you will find an array of watering holes when you need a cool beverage! Here is a beautifully put together directional map for your convenience. You’re welcome.


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