Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Rooftop Bar

Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Rooftop Bar

The insane views from the gravity-defying rooftop of Marina Bay Sands are unmatched in Singapore, but like everything else in the country, you’re supposed to pay for them. However, there is a way to avoid being charged the $20 sky deck admittance fee. Dress like a boss (that’s no Bintang singlets, thongs or footy shorts), go up the lift from the Marina Bay Sands lobby to Ku Dé Ta and make a beeline for the inside bar. All you’ll have to fork out for is a beverage of some sort, and you can then spend the rest of the day on the deck inhaling free peanuts and hopping between day-beds. Tragically, the bar is divided from the guests-only infinity pool by an unscaleable fence, but if you stand close enough to the edge you can still get a fairly decent photo that will trick people into thinking you actually swam in it.


When I went – and ordered a rose-infused lychee martini, thankyou very much – the European waiter was a pretentious, snooty cunt (presumably because I had a hair wrap). He took 45 minutes to deliver the $80 change he owed me, figuring if he held onto it for long enough I’d be too embarrassed to ask for it back. Boy, was he wrong. Rude staff actually seem to be a trend – the entrance to the hard-to-find Ku Dé Ta lift is permanently manned by an attendant with a bitchy resting face, and floor staff are reluctant to give directions despite it being unsigned. Don’t let their attempts to thwart freeloaders deter you though: it really is worth making the ear-popping 57-storey journey, and it will be one of the best-value things you do in Singapore.

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