I Have a Confession...

I Have a Confession…

I have a confession. I am obsessed with trips. Anywhere. To the point where it’s kinda weird. I am constantly planning a trip somewhere and if the day comes when I’m not, worry. I’m either dead or there’s something seriously wrong.

Most weekends, I travel back to the Gold Coast from my house in Brisbane to hang with my fam and soak up some fat rays on the golden beaches. I have a certain way of travelling to and from, however. I go home each weekend carrying with me a very sentimental suitcase. Even if it’s for a day. Yep – I simply put anything inside I think may come in handy. Most of the time, it contains one book or shirt and is completely unnecessary, but it is the case that has taken me on adventures all over the globe, and when I wheel it through the city to the train station I pretend I’m going somewhere extravagantly thrilling. Sitting and watching the world (Roma street to Robina) zoom past, I feel that euphoria of the carefree traveller.

Unlike many others, I like public transport. I like examining the diverse range of humankind that step off the platform and into my carriage. I imagine their lives and what their homes look like and sometimes I even plan their day for them. Last week, I gave a young lady a well-needed makeover in my mind. She had serious babe potential, but her shoes were too big and made her toes stick out weirdly. To top it off, she had a whole case of blush on. So I re-styled her and washed her face in my mind. There, perfect.

I also love imagining what I’d be like if I lived in a certain place along the railway or bus line. You see, in my mind ill never stop travelling. The simplicity of imagination can take you anywhere.

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