Dubrovnik: Buža Café-Bar

Dubrovnik: Buža Café-Bar

Address: Crijevićeva ulica 9, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Open: Every day in spring and summer

As its name may suggest, Buža is one of the most delightful locations on earth to get boozed. After climbing through a notoriously-hard-to-find hole in the Dubrovnik walls, you will discover a magical paradise perched on the edge of the cliffs dropping into the sea, so close you can practically dive in for a dip from your table. It’s the perfect place to watch the sun go down with your latest Croatian squeeze, and the drinks (beer and wine) are even served in plastic cups, so you know the place is hobo-friendly. There are also a range of snacks on offer, thankfully including ice-cream. To get there, walk up the main street of Strandun and scale the  stairs leading up from the Gunduliceva square (the one housing the food market behind the Cathedral) up to the Jesuit Church. From there, walk through the big courtyard (Bošković Square) and follow the road along to the right with the city walls on your left. When you spy the wooden sign for cold drinks, you’ll know you’ve made it.

For a slightly ritzier but no-less beautiful version, look for Buža II or Caffe Bard. Here the focus is geared slightly more towards service as opposed to leaping off the cliffs, and the drinks (served in glasses) include cocktails and a wealth of spirits. It’s just around the corner from the first, wedged behind the restaurant called Konoba Elvinocijo. Keep in mind that although downing several mojitos can lead to the desire to strip and go skinny dipping by moon and fairylight, the bar forbids it, with a big sign at the entry saying “No Nudist”. Dang.

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