Göreme: The Valleys of Cappadocia

Göreme: The Valleys of Cappadocia

This fantasy land is a feast for your eyeballs, and totally free (if you want it to be). Cappadocia is made up of several valleys, and each of them has an endless amount of amazing shit to be explored. All you need is a map, some water, and snacks in ya backpack and off you go! Here are a few things to look out for on your D.I.Y adventure.

  •  Explore the cave houses and early Christian church remains. Look out for the cave art: truly fascinating.
  • There’s a lookout over the village where you can go to hear the call to prayer. It echoes off all the surrounding valleys and mountains which is totally nuts and unbelievable
  •  There are always hot air balloons hangin’ over Göreme at dawn. To go up in one is probably a stretch for your hobo budget; however, you can hike up some of the surrounding mountains before the sun wakes up to get an awesome view of the hot air balloons dangling in the morning sky.
  • Make sure you walk through the Rose Valley at sunset – it’s brilliant. The whole valley lights up pinky red; probably an indication to why its called Rose Valley (lol).
  • Also most importantly try and find these crazy monolithic rock formations that look like chode penises and/or mushrooms. They are hilarious.




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