Toronto: Bluejays Baseball Game

Toronto: Bluejays Baseball Game

Address: 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1, Canada

The Northern Hemisphere is huge on sport – watching it, that is. Why play yourself when you could sit back with a hot dog in one hand, beer in the other and watch more talented individuals do all the hard work. To the majority of spectators, a “six pack” refers only to their daily beers or the latest Timmy’s donut special. Post game there’s always somewhere to knock back a few beers, whether it’s in celebration or to drown your sorrows. Whatever the outcome, it’s still better than being the athlete, chugging down a post workout protein shake.  To join the spectator race, head to the Rogers Centre to catch a Bluejays Baseball Game. Tickets can be purchased online in advance, or on the day, outside the main entrance.

Prices range from $10 -$85 depending on the seats. Obviously, I paid as little as possible, and consequently climbed every possible stair in order to reach my assigned spot. Hobos, I hope you’re not afraid of heights! Lucky I don’t care for Baseball, because at this level the players are the size of figurines and the ball is harder to spot than the golden snitch in Quidditch.  But everyone knows, at high altitudes you get drunk more easily. Winning  – best seats in the house.

WARNING: An average game of Baseball goes for three hours. Surely after dedicating that much time, you’d be expecting a home run! Girls, don’t worry, the main shopping street is within walking distance from the Arena providing you with an easy escape plan.

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