Escape to the Greek Islands

Escape to the Greek Islands

Wander the windy paths down cliffs over crystal clear sea, past white villas with blue windowsills lined with bright pink bougainvillea and you will have made your way to the Greek islands. The sun is shining, the lifeguards wear G-strings, the bodies are brown and the party is on. There are countless picturesque islands scattered around the Mediterranean sea, here’s a little squiz of my top three you can escape to from Athens harbour.


Hands-down the most romantic place on earth. Take a photo of anything, anywhere and it’s guaranteed to look pretty.

Hire a car, moped or quad bike and zoom up and down cliffs, exploring the red and black pebbled beaches. Take a wine tour or visit the various wineries on the island, sit back and relax with a glass of local grapes, a breathtaking view of the azure sea, and nibble on cheese and olives to your hearts content. Scrub up delightfully and head to a classy dinner at Oia, the most beautiful spot on the island for the world-famous Grecian sunsets.

My pick for a hostel is the Caveland Hostel, literally dorms built into colourful caves with designer style and a view of the big blue. Everyone’s super friendly and they have nightly activities and lounges by large pool. Breaky included and costs around $25/night for a mixed dorm.



Party time, bitches! Mykonos has a small village by the sea and everything’s in walk able distance. Beautiful boutiques, cafes and souvenir stores are scattered down narrow lanes, all leading to the bay or a town square. The shopping is wonderful, the dining is delish and the men even more so. However (sorry ladies), they’re mostly all gay. Don’t let that stop you from having fun: the gay bars in Mykonos are notorious for a fab night out!

Cheap, local buses take you to the outer hostels and beaches, and mopeds are a great way to get around.  The beaches are lined with restaurants and bars, sun lounges and beautiful people. Welcome to the med.



Too much parting? Time to chill and taste the local flavuor? Paros is the island you can walk into a family restaurant, smash a plate and yell OPA with big, Greek mammas. It’s a long stretch of village by the port with the best gyros and the friendliest people in Greece.

Take a day trip to Antiparos – a smaller, more secluded islands with a fascinating cave climb and private, fishing-village style beaches.  Visit the local art galleries and take in the rank smell of octopus drying hung up on the old fishing boats, scattered along the bay.


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