St. Anton: Krazy Kanguruh

St. Anton: Krazy Kanguruh

Address: Mooserweg 19  6580 St Anton

Possibly St Anton’s most famous après bar, this nod to the Aussies is 100% worth a visit. Once you’ve navigated your way through the smoke-filled interior, there’s a plethora of Commonwealth passport-holders waiting to buy you a stein. You’ll find that after 6pm, clothing becomes very much optional, but if you do decide to stay dressed, an 80s fluorescent all-in-one is a must-have. The only downside to this place is that it gets very little sun in the afternoon. During daylight hours you may want to try the less popular bar next door – this is where you’ll score a baggie or pick up an instructor.

Do: Leave your ski boots on while table dancing – it’s totes not cool to play it safe
Don’t: Venture into the gift shop – remember you’re drinking at an altitude and that €80 G-banger will only deter any future suitors

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