St. Anton: Basecamp

St. Anton: Basecamp

Address: Kandaharweg 13, Castle Hotel Bergschloessl, St. Anton 6580

Do not underestimate the value of this little gem nestled under a circus tent by the main lift. The crowd are a little older and racially diverse, but drinks are cheap (free if you’re hot) and the DJ leaves his booth open and ready to be meddled with. On our visit a senior citizen offered my friend €250 for his wet and soiled Winnie the Pooh onesie, because his 21-year-old mail-order bride pointed to him and said, “I like.” We’re still not sure what she liked, but nonetheless, it’s your number one spot for the last day of the trip when you’ve run out of money.

Do: Smuggle in your own jager
Don’t: Stay till close – you won’t find anyone waiting for a mate

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