Hostel Montreal Central

Hostel Montreal Central

Address: 1586 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2L 3z3
Nearest Station(s): Berri UQAM

This joint is a great hostel located in downtown Montreal. There are plenty of communal drinking areas, inside and out. Each room has it’s own TV, fridge, microwave and bathroom – ritzy! The rooms get cleaned every day and the only bug I found in my bed was a German Exchange student who had fallen into it after too many tequila shots. I was perfectly happy to stay in the eight-bed dorm room (around $22 per night) for three months instead of returning to uni, which says a lot for my accommodation and Indian roomy back at college. Also, don’t forget the free breakfast every day – that’s if you’re not too hung-over to make it…


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