Berlin: Tiergarten

Berlin: Tiergarten

Address: Tiergarten, Mitte
Nearest Station(s): S-Tiergarten; S-Bellevue

Originally used by Berlin’s rulers of old as a game park, the Tiergarten is now used by everyone for jogging, walking, cycling and sunbaking in the nuddy. Not even kidding: come summer, certain sections of the path will be lined with bunches of carefree nudists making their pink bits pinker. The animals are still  there, but they’re now enclosed as part of the Zoological Gardens. Ramble down the path long enough and you’ll eventually stumble upon the zoo’s outskirts, and will get to see some llamas and flamingos for free. If your fitness is above average, rent a bike and spend a few hour exploring the Tiergarten’s gems – a war monument called the Siegsäulle, a collection of rocks, an English tea house, a bunch of beer gardens and a lake where you can rent boats for romantic little row. To reenergise, stop for a Bruschetta Pizza at the Cafe am Neuen See – it’s so massive that it will sustain you for at least a good 48 hours.


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