Berlin: Holocaust Memorial

Berlin: Holocaust Memorial

Address: Georgenstrasse 23, Mitte, 10117
Nearest Station(s): U/S-Brandenburger Tor

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe does exactly as its name suggests and serves as a powerful and haunting reminder of the Holocaust victims. As you walk through the shadows cast by the 4.7 acres of towering concrete slabs, you can’t help but be overcome with a pang of sadness and a sense of isolation. Eerily enough, the sculpture’s surface is coated in an anti-graffiti substance manufactured by the company responsible for the creation of the deadly Zyklon B gas used in concentration camps. For this reason, it has been bedevilled with criticism since its 2005 creation. But however you view this fact, show your maturity and sense of respect to the six million dead Jews by not playing tiggy in the monument with the Contiki kids.


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