Berlin: Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin: Checkpoint Charlie

Address: Friedrichstrasse 43-44, Mitte
Nearest Station(s): Kochstrasse

Like most tourist traps designed by Americans, Checkpoint Charlie is a tacky and innacurate take on history designed to milk you of your money. If you have €2 or happen to be a female ≥6/10, US “soldiers” clad in fancy dress will strike a pose with you in front of the fake station guardhouse. But this isn’t the only uniform these men like to don – they are all legitimate porn stars, and you can look out for their van marked Party Police Berlin. For another €5 you can be invalidate your passport by being issued with a mock Checkpoint Charlie passport stamp. How useful. Best to steer clear of this commercial hellhole unless of course you have a raunchy hens weekend planned and are looking to recruit some male strippers.


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