Berlin: Rockclimbing

Berlin: Rockclimbing

Due to its plethora of steps, Berlin is sometimes sarcastically referred to as the capital of Stairmany rather than Germany. If you too are sick of climbing the city’s many stairs, why not consider climbing its walls instead? Obviously Berlin is not a natural climbing paradise – the city is flatter than road kill, and its few minute hills are actually overgrown piles of rubble. Nevertheless, the city boasts an assortment of rock-climbing and bouldering facilities that cater to all abilities and preferences, all of which can be enjoyed for about €10 per day.

Der Kegel
Get There: Revaler Straße 99  10245 Berlin
Hours: Monday 2pm – 11pm; Tuesday – Friday 12pm – 11pm; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 10am – 11pm.

Der Kegel is possibly the most spectacular of the main three centres. This 18 metre high structure is a former WWII bunker, and can be climbed from both inside and out. If you go in the late afternoon, you can be rewarded for your physical efforts by enjoying the spectacular sunrise from the building’s summit. Gear can be brought, bought or borrowed.

Magic Mountain
Get There: Böttgerstraße 20-26  13357 Berlin
Hours: Thursday 10am – midnight; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 12pm – 10pm; every other day 12pm – midnight.

Even Spiderman would be likely to find a challenge at Magic Mountain, which currently holds the title of Europe’s largest climbing centre. After scaling its 17 metre walls or conquering your claustrophobia in the boulder cave, relax in the sauna, steam bath or spa, and even crack open a cold one at the centre’s beer garden.

Get There: Thiemannstraße 1  12059 Berlin
Hours: Monday – Friday 12pm – midnight; weekends and public holidays 10am – 10pm.

T-Hall will also satiate the adrenalin needs of all those who enjoy vertical ascension. Its steep, 12 metre walls, overhanging ledges and ropes dangling from the ceiling will bring out your inner Tarzan, and the centre offers over 160 different lessons and courses. Like Magic Mountain, T-Hall boasts a boulder cave to explore, and if you’re not satisfied with the sweat you’ve worked up whilst climbing, you are welcome to make use of the hot sauna


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