Berlin: Last Cathedral

Berlin: Last Cathedral

Address: Schönhauser Allee 5, Mitte 10119
Nearest Station(s): U-Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 7pm – late.
Cost: From €3

Done up like Dracula’s Castle – complete with precariously-hung chandeliers, grinning skeletons and coffin-shaped tables – Last Cathedral is the place to be if dressing like the dead is a favourite pastime of yours. This gothic club attracts members of the Underworld of all ages, but despite its sinister facade is still perfectly happy to play host to the odd troupe of tourists who wish to come in for a gander. The sounds of horror-rock and death metal shake the 2-story venue’s blood-splattered stone walls, and a smoky dancefloor at the back houses teenagers in more eyeliner than Gene Simmons headbanging alongside grandmothers in dog collars. Staff get into the gothic theme just as heavily as the revellers, and service is to die for, even when the place is packed. Beer, mead, wine, spirits and cocktails are served at reasonable prices, and there is a shisha bar conveniently located next door for when Last Cathedral’s hardcore atmosphere gets too much for you. Enter if you dare.


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