Freelance and Travel Writing Workshops

Canggu, Bali

Live amongst the rice paddies in lush twin-share bungalows, learn Bahasa Indonesia and attend daily writing workshops with passionate young people who work in the travel, pop culture, surf and skate media industry.

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Tokyo, Japan

Sleep on a futon in a quaint city neighbourhood, learn to order ramen and beer in Japanese and refine your digital journalism skills with writers and editors from the travel, music, pop culture and news media industry.

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Indulge in long lunches, summer fiestas and afternoon siestas in the cosmopolitan Catalan capital, all the while learning español and attending workshops with editors and writers from the travel, surf, culture and music media industry.

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Wanna know who’ll be teaching? How we choose candidates? Whether you can go on a payment plan, where your money goes and what sort of stuff you’ll be learning?


Find out about the program from the horse’s mouth by reading the reviews of students we’ve hosted before in Japan, Bali and Spain.